Lianna's Can't Touch This

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Ch Kebre's MC Hammer OFA Kebre's Full Force (Ptd) Breauhausen Spectrum Randheim's T. Texas Tyler 
Breauhausen Klassy
Kebre's Sierra (Ptd) Kebre's PanAm of Lorien (Ptd)
Nationwide's Sweet Loreal
Kebre's Million Dollar Baby (Ptd) Kebre's PanAm of Lorien (Ptd) Breauhausen Steeler (6 Champions)
Lorien's Oceana
Wynthea's Elka II Am/Can Sel Ch Stuttgart's Sundance Kid OFA ROM/C
Wynthea's Franza V Lynview
Am & Can Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Lianna OFA CGC TC HIC Am Sel/ Can GV Ch Hoheneichen's Conan Survival OFA ROM/C Am/Can Sel Ch Stuttgart's Sundance Kid OFA ROM/C Am/Can Sel Ch Lochwood Sundance v Stutgart OFA ROMC
Am/Can Ch Caprice Kitty Hawk OFA ROM
Hoheneichen's Bliss Am/Can Ch Proven Hill's Jock Hoheneichen ROM
Proven Hill Ivy Hoheneichen
Covy-Tucker Hill's Cheers Sel Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Romantico OFA ROM Ch Heart Breaker of Bob-Lyn ROM
Covy Tucker Hill's Sinderella OFA ROM
Sel Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Jordache OFA Covy Tucker Hill's Remy Martin OFA
Ch Covy's Rosita of  Tucker Hill OFA ROM

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