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2003 was a very difficult year here at Lianna Shepherds....


On June 22nd my father, George Alfred Naclerio Sr., was the victim of a car accident and on July 15th -- 23 days later he passed away in the hospital after succumbing to his head injuries. He would have been 87 years YOUNG on September 4th. And trust me young he was; not only did he not look his age (photo was taken Father's Day -- two weeks before the accident); he enjoyed life and loved his children and grandchildren.

Dad turned 49 the month after I was born and was the proud father of 7 kids -- I, being the youngest, was spoiled rotten and knew it. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his children; I remember one summer when I was about 12 yrs old I wanted to learn how to switch-hit in softball. None of my 4 brothers would take the time to help so after work my dad would take me to the park around the corner and there he would pitch -- I would try to hit -- and Major, our Shepherd, would field. I remember the day he got me that dog, mom didn't want any more animals but I had always wanted a "full bred" GSD (we always had shepherd mixes), and a friend from work was a breeder with 14 pups he was having a hard time selling. I told him that I was old enough now -- I was 11 -- and that I would take care of the puppy and train the puppy and do ANYTHING if only he would just get me a puppy. Well I got Major and a book on dog care & training and so it began. My dad was my mentor, I acquired my love of animals from him. He and I were that only "animal lovers" in my family, and no matter what I brought home I was usually able to convince him to let me keep it.



On August 23rd while at her handlers' Missy, Lianna's Mischief Maker OFA, TC, bloated. During the surgery to save her life her stomach was perforated and she succumbed to massive infection and crossed The Rainbow Bridge on August 25th. She had just turned 4yrs old six weeks earlier. She was a typy bitch with a zest for life. Missy had just started her show career after having two litters, getting her OFA certification, and her Temperament Certification; She had 6 pts towards her Championship and probably would have been finished by the end of the year.



Anna, American & Canadian Champion Covy-Tucker Hill's Lianna, OFA, TC, CGC, HIC, had to be put to sleep on December 15th -- 5 months to the day of my father's passing and 4 months short of her 14th birthday. Anna was a once in lifetime dog. I know everyone says that about their dog, but in this case it is more than true. She was my first "Show Dog", my Best Friend, my Protector and my Constant Companion. There was NOTHING you could ask of her that she wouldn't do or at least TRY to do.
She was purchased from Covy-Tucker Hill Kennels at 4 1/2 months of age --sight unseen -- trusting their judgment that she was pick show bitch from the litter. And what a show dog she was. Anna finished both her American and Canadian Championship in January 1994 and was the Number 9 Female GSD in Canada in '93 winning 3 Best of Breed, 2 Group 3rds, and a Group 4th. When she came back home she didn't rest on her laurels... she earned her Temperament Certification and her Canine Good Citizen and had her second litter. She earned her Herding Instinct tittle at the 98' GSDCA national in Perry, Ga.